RWJF Alumni Profiles

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John Cawley, PhD "It's fun to figure out what works, share that information, and keep improving interventions to make them more effective and cost-effective so we're not wasting resources."

John Cawley on Understanding the Economics of Obesity


Cathy Cohen, PhD "It's in all of our interests to think about complicated issues."

Cathy J. Cohen on Shining a Light on Tough Social Issues


Dalton C. Conley, PhD "I go from interesting research problem to interesting problem, and I borrow methodologies and theoretical lenses or policy concerns about the world from wherever they come."

Dalton C. Conley on Linking Social, Health, and Economic Outcomes to Genetics


Kelly Devers, PhD "I remember my mother saying, 'I don't know if we can afford to go to a doctor. Can you ride it out a little bit?'"

Kelly Devers on Making Health Care Work


Jonathan Oberlander, PhD "In my mind there's no question that the Affordable Care Act is a great step forward for the American health care system."

Jonathan B. Oberlander on The Right Place at the Right Time


Abigail Saguy, PhD "Is this a question of identity politics? Are there competing ways of understanding heavier body weight as a medical or political issue?"

Abigail Saguy on Rethinking the Obesity Epidemic


Andrea L. Campbell, PhD "There has to be a tipping point, and we need to find the trigger for it, because we can't afford the status quo indefinitely."

Andrea L. Campbell on Studying Health Programs to Close the Gaps


"Americans are more receptive to crude racial appeals in today's environment than one might think."

Vincent L. Hutchings on Examining the Intersection of Race, Politics, and Society


Helen G. Levy, PhD "I'm interested in why one person with the same level of resources will be able to make ends meet and another won't."

Helen G. Levy on Understanding Inequalities in Health Care and Politics


Brendan Nyhan, PhD "There's a big difference between people not knowing things and people thinking they know things that aren't true."

Brendan Nyhan on The Politics of Truth, Myth, and Health Policies